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Education / Introduction

Museum Activities

On the basis of the permanent exhibitions, the Shanghai Children’s Museum planned and organized a variety of normal education activities that are suitable for children, such as do it yourself workshop, little science forum, excavation activity, joy of reading activity and Gulu’s classes.

Do it Yourself Workshop

“Do it yourself” workshop in the Shanghai Children’s Museum is elaborated by teachers with professional qualification, leading children and parents to complete their own DIY paintings or manual work. Children can gain knowledge of popular science, train hand-eye coordination skill, develop good habits of patience and concentration, and parents also have the opportunity of intimate interaction with their children to implement emotional education.

Little Science Forum

“Little science forum” series education activities in the Shanghai Children’s Museum enable children to have a better understanding of scientific knowledge in life, and make handmade works related to the theme by hand, which is a popular popular science class with delight and instruction.

Excavation Activity

Taking excavation as the main form of activity, the excavation experience activity of Shanghai Children’s Museum is a series of museum courses for children of different ages. Based on different themes, children will find in exploration marine life, jungle animal, livestock and other “debris” or stoneware, pottery, jade and other relics of the early human society under the sand that buried in “ Happy Sandpit” exhibition area, combined with sorting, picking, measurement and other games together with simulation science practice activities to understand the past of both human beings and nature.


“Joy of Reading” Activity

“Joy of reading, reading lover” activity is acustomized education activity for “Joy of Reading” showroom in Shanghai Children’s Museum, which includes culture classroom, fun games, visiting and learning display area to encourage children to read and learn new knowledge and experience traditional culture.


“Joy of Reading” showroom shows celebrities’ letters, manuscripts, calligraphy and paintings and seal cutting that full senior editor Mr. Cao Zhengwen of Xinmin Evening News kept when being responsible for the “Joy of Reading” special issue.

GULU’s Classes (Lectures for Family)

GULU’s Classes are a series of activities that Shanghai Children’s Museum invites guests to hold lectures and workshops of popular science and child rearing subjects for both parents and children.

Special Events

Special events are usually held on specific days such as International Children’s Day (1st June), International Museum Day, (18th May), and traditional Chinese festivals.


Date      On weekends and national holidaysor according to the schedule

Booking   Enter the WeChat official account of Shanghai Children’s Museum  and book tickets in the menu itemof “Educational Activity– Buy Tickets.

DIY at Home

The courses of “DIY at Home” classroom in Shanghai Children’s Museum are children’s favorite. In particular, we have selected several simple tutorials that children can make independently by following the steps at home.


Polymer clay of sunny doll

Handmade greeting flowers

Paper slip whale

Study Tour Sheets

Cultural and Creative Products